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Information For Owners

HL Holidays (Halcyon Leisure) welcome all enquiries from Owners with properties that they wish to make available to let, usually for holidays.

Established over 35 years ago as Halcyon Leisure, the company act as Agents for a portfolio of properties throughout South and South West France.   The traditional 'heartland' was an area roughly bounded by Cahors, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Agen and Montauban, although we aim to help Owners of suitable properties in all areas of the modern regions of Nouvelle-Acquitaine and Occitanie. 

We offer a very personal service to our Owners and Guests alike, ensuring that Guests are matched to properties that suit their needs as far as possible and removing the administration work and interfacing with the Guests as far as possible for the Owners.

Our offices are in West Dorset in the South West of England, but we make frequent trips to France to visit properties and meet Owners and Caretakers, and we also have a small team of casual contractors who help us out on the ground in France as and when required.

A town in France

There are no set up fees or advertising charges for new properties, and any property that we advertise will have been visited by at least one senior member of our team, again, without charge or obligation.

Please download our Owners Brochure (English) HERE

Please download a summary of Owner and Agent tasks HERE

We have very few set criteria for our properties, however we do strongly recommend:

  • Week long bookings throughout High and Peak seasons with Saturday changeover
  • Prices are without extras as far as possible: All our advertised prices will include linen and bathroom towels for example

HL Holidays undertake the administration of all aspects of the Booking Process: Once an enquiry is received, the Owner is contacted to confirm availability for those dates, and the Booking will then be confirmed, and the Owner again notified that the booking is complete. Guests cannot automatically book and pay for a property, so control of who and when arrives remains firmly with the Owner.

Payment for the rental is made to the Owner at least 4 weeks before the Booking starts at the rates agreed, which may also be varied by mutual consent if required. There are NO CHARGES for payment services or payments in either £GBP or €EUR

As part of the Booking Process a Security Deposit is taken for all bookings, and we administer this, including any deductions that maybe necessary and payment of these sums to the Owners. Unlike other companies who repay Security Deposits on the day of departure, Owners and Caretakers have up to three days to lodge claims for deductions from Security Deposits. HL will also interface with Guests in any disputes that may arise if the Owners require.

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If the Frequently Asked Questions below do not answer your questions, please don't hesitate to call us on +44 (0)7866 624 658 or +33 (0)6 51 56 60 19 or email us via the Contact Page

If you would like to send us more information about your house, so we have some more information before discussion, please fill out and submit our Property Information Form HERE

Is a swimming pool necessary?

Properties with Swimming Pools are very much more attractive to the family market, and command a hefty premium,  but equally there is a market for Guests seeking a base to explore the area without having the expense of renting a pool that they do not plan to use.

Are internet and television necessary?

Whilst wifi has been an extremely desirable feature, the advance of mobile internet has to some degree ameliorated this. Post Brexit however, the situation on roaming and data charges remains uncertain, so for British guests we anticipate that wifi will once again become an attractive feature. 
Many of our properties are very rural and line speeds achieved are thus very slow, and in some cases internet is not even available: we understand this, living in a very rural area ourselves. Our Terms and Conditions for Guests state that although internet equipment is installed, no guarentees of speed or service are given.

Television is requested, especially during main events such as football tournaments and major games, but there are properties without television that do not suffer because of this. If you are going to install television, we would recommend a satellite package including at least English and French stations. We do recommend a DVD player of some form is available, especially in child and family friendly properties.

Can I put an age limit on Guests?

This is perfectly acceptable where you have quality fixtures and fittings and wish to restrict the age of guests. We have no recommendations on the level you should set, and take each case as they arise. There is a very clear market for smaller properties (up to 6 people) where an age limit is in place. 

What about Pets and Smoking?

Pets - If you are prepared to allow pets at your property, Halcyon Leisure always state that it is with Owner's Consent, and you will receive details of the pet that the Guest wishes to bring before the Booking is confirmed: You are quite within your rights to decline the booking if you do not feel the pet is acceptable. It is also quite acceptable to request an additional payment for pets. 

Smoking - Very few of our Owners are relaxed about smoking. Although we have no legal right to stop guests smoking outside, Property Information is worded to the effect that Guests are requested not to smoke in or around the property, and Guests are almost universally respectful of these requests. 

Am I obliged to make certain weeks available to H L ?

H L adopt a relaxed policy on this: Many properties are booked by family and friends throughout the year, and so whilst we ask for a minimum commitment in our contract, we do not pursue this. We do however request that earliest notice of any periods of non availability are notified to us by email or phone to ensure that the risk of double booking is minimised.

How are rents decided? When and how do I get paid?

During the establishment process we will discuss rates for rental with you, and contract rates will be agreed for the various periods of the year, along with any special rates or discounts you wish to offer. HL agree to pay you these rates, and you agree to accept them. 

Payments are made to Owners in full at least 4 weeks before the Guests arrive, or immediately the booking is confirmed if there is less than 4 weeks before the booking starts. 

Payments will normally be made by Cheque or Bank Transfer, and normally in £GBP or €EUR: If you have other requirements, please ask. 

Halcyon Leisure French Map Outline
Founded in 1986 as Halcyon Leisure, HL Holidays have been bringing Owners and Guest together to enjoy the stunning countryside of the Quercy and Périgord regions ever since.
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