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Booking FAQ

If your questions aren't answered in this selection of Frequently Asked Questions, please don't hesitate to call HL Holidays on +44 (0)7866 624 658 or +33 (0)6 51 56 60 19 or email us via the Contact Page

The following links will take you to more detailed information on our FAQ Knowledgebase site at www.vacanz.co.uk and will open a new browser window, or there is a summary below.

biron0717How do I book a property

What is included in the rental?

Information on Security Deposits

On arrival at the property

On departure from the property (including information on Cleaning)

Travel Insurance and Car Insurance

Pets on holiday

Swimming Pools - Exclusive, Private or Shared

Cancellation Policy

The FAQ Knowledgebase is very searchable, and includes much wider information about your journey, your stay and other helpful matters. We suggest you bookmark it.


cyclesunflWhat days do your bookings run?

In Peak and High Seasons bookings normally run from Saturday to Saturday: In Mid and Low seasons this can be flexible at the Owner or Property Manager's discretion.

Le Grand Weekend bookings are for either 4 or 5 nights, starting on a Thursday or Friday, and ending on a Monday or Tuesday.

How do I pay for the Booking?

As soon as we receive your Booking Form we confirm that the property will be available with the Owner and send you information on how to pay the deposit: The reservation will then be held for 3 days to allow you time to arrange payment of the deposit (normally 20% of the rental) to confirm the booking.

As soon as possible after we receive the Deposit, a 'Final Invoice' will be issued as a confirmation, which includes the Balance of the rental, the Security Deposit and any extras that you have requested.

This must be settled at least 8 weeks before the Booking commences, or immediately if the Booking is less than 8 weeks hence.

Who am I booking the property with?

HL Holidays act as agents for the Owners of the properties, and are authorised by the Owners to agree contracts with Guests: Your contract is with the Owner of the property, although HL Holidays will deal with all practical aspects of your booking, including administration of the Security Deposit.

bonaguilWhat does my booking include?

Your booking includes:

  • the use of the property and its amenities as described in the property particulars for the persons listed on your booking form only.
  • all Booking and Administration charges
  • Linen, which includes Bed Linen, Bathroom towels and Kitchen towels.  Pool towels are NOT generally included. Cot linen is also not provided.
  • Fair use of power, heat and light.  (Note - charging of electric cars at properties is NOT permitted unless otherwise specified or agreed - read more HERE)  Please see Terms & Conditions for more information of what constitutes 'fair use' 

Changes of linen during bookings should be requested before your booking commences, and may be charged for at the Owner's discretion: Please note that this covers only exchange of clean linen for the used linen: Making of beds with fresh linen is your responsibility.

End of Stay cleaning is not included unless clearly stated in the property information: Properties should, in principle, be left as they are found. Further details HERE

Any variations from the standard inclusions will be highlighted in red on the Pricing details on the Property's web page.

How will I receive documents?

As far as possible all documents will be sent by email in a printable form: However, if you are not confident with email attachments we are happy to send hard copy by post at no extra cost.

If you are concerned at any time that you have not received any relevant documents from us, please contact us immediately by phone or email.

How do I find the property?

Once you have paid the Balance of your Invoice in full, you will receive a pdf Infomap with directions to the property: This also includes GPS information, key collection details and contact details for the Owner or Caretaker.

This is designed to be either printed or used on a hand held device so you have all the infomation required on one document.

What time do the Bookings start and finish?

Your booking of the property will normally start at 4pm, and you are requested not to arrive before then to make sure the property is completely prepared for you. 
You should leave by 10 am on the day of departure.
Some Property Owners like to personally meet their guests and hand over the keys etc:  Please follow the instructions given if you are requested to give an estimated time of arrival

greengrapesCan I pay in €EUR or other currencies?

Payments can be made in either £GBP or €EUR : Please contact us if you wish to arrange payment in any other currency

Can I pay by Credit Card or Debit Card?

Yes - Credit and Debit card (Visa/Mastercard)  payments can be made: We will email you a confidential link to our payment partner so that we do not have access to your card details. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see the Cancellation Policy

Do HL Holidays properties have internet?

Most HL properties now have at least Wi-Fi installed, and the roll out of fibre services is happening quickly now (2024). If you are in doubt from the particulars, please don't hesitate to confirm with us. We do have speed measurments on file from many properties as a guide. 
Please note that line speeds and reliability of service cannot be guaranteed, and with many HL Holidays properties being in rural situations, line speeds on traditional wi-fi connections are unlikely to be sufficient to run high requirement streaming applications such as live sport or complex games. General contact such as email and messaging applications should work quite adequately. 
Use of the internet facility is also subject to Guests accepting responsibility for downloaded content, and acceptance that their rights in respect of Data Protection are not breached by HL Holidays and/or Owners assisting with third party enquiries that may arise from internet use.
All Owners have been encouraged to give information in their Property Information folders for Wi-Fi availability in their area, or 3G to mobiles is available in most areas, but Guests should make their own arrangements to receive data by this route.

Do HL Holidays properties have television?

This is indicated in the property particulars: Owners come from several countries, and may therefore only have television from their home country available at their property. If this is important for you, please don't hesitate to ask and we can confirm what services are available at the property.

boattripCan I arrange additional Guest services?

HL Holidays maintain a list of additional services that are available to Guests, and these should usually be pre-booked: These include: Catering for special meals at your property,  Classic car hire for a special occasion, Airport transfer to & from Toulouse, Bordeaux or Bergerac airports and more beside: Please contact us for further details if you require any of these services.

Can you provide support in an emergency?

HL Holidays has a number of contacts within the Expatriate and French communities who are available to help Guests who may need very advanced French speakers for contact with Police or other authorities, Hospitals or Dentists. To avoid uneccesary calls on their services, you should contact us in the first instance. You should expect a charge from them which you should pre agree and pay directly to the contact we give you.

What happens if someone asks you for our contact details during our stay?

Occasionally we are contacted by individuals who need to contact Guests during their stay: We will not release your contact details or address of the property. We will try to contact you by email or telephone, and in the absence of success by that route we will ask either the Owner/Caretaker or someone else locally to visit you to ask you to make contact: Unless we are otherwise advised, your contact details will never be given out to third parties. 

What about end of let cleaning and rubbish disposal?

The standard terms of your booking will be that the property should be left as it was found. In practical terms, it is expected that:

 - All rubbish is removed from the property
 - All food is removed
- Kitchen surfaces, utensils and appliances are free of food residue, splashes, spills etc
- All crockery and equipment is cleaned
- Furniture, including outdoor furniture, is returned to the position it was in on arrival
- Books, games, toys etc are returned to their original locations
- All rooms have been hoovered
- All bathrooms cleaned

Unless otherwise instructed, beds should be stripped, and used linen and towels collected together

End of let cleaning may be offered at the Owner's or Caretaker's discretion: If available, this MUST be booked in advance as changeover days in High and Peak season are very busy times for Caretakers and Cleaners, and they may be unable to offer the service without notice.
Rubbish disposal instructions should be found in the Property Information folder, and your compliance with them is requested. Please note that municipal requirements vary from area to area, so you are advised not to rely on previous experience. 
Charges may be made by the Property Managers against the Security Deposit if the instructions are not carried out.

 Market 1What do I do if a problem occurs during my stay?

Your first point of contact during your stay should be the Property manager/Owner or Caretaker, whose contact details will be in the Property Information folder. If you are unable to contact them, or are unable to resolve the problem with them, HL Holidays are happy to help you try to sort out anything that has arisen.
Please understand that with general events, such as a loss of power during a thunderstorm, your local contacts will almost certainly have been affected as well, so please bear with them and be patient at such times: They are unlikely to be able to provide a quick solution, and no blame should be directed towards them in such events.

If you feel that the situation warrants redress, you should still notify the Owner/Caretaker and Halcyon Leisure immediately, and record evidence to support your claims as necessary. We will deal with your claims on an individual case basis.

What is the Security Deposit?

The Security Deposit is an amount held by us on behalf of the Property Owner against which any damage or excess cleaning needed may be charged. Additionally HL Holidays reserve the right to deduct any Bank Charges that may arise from Bank Transfers necessary to return the deposit 

When are Security Deposits repaid?

Owners and Property Managers have 3 days after the end of each booking to notify us of any claim that should be made against the Security Deposit: After that date we automatically repay the balance of the Deposit held to you: You should receive your refund within a week of the end of your booking, or otherwise notification that the Deposit will be held until any charges can be firmly established.  Repayments will be made by the same means of payment used to settle your invoice.petfriends

Can we bring our pets with us?

Over the last couple of years we have noticed a great rise in numbers of requests to accommodate pets. A small number of our Owners are happy for Guests to bring their pets, but subject to their approval once they know the breed, sex and age of your pets. Because there are so few places available, these do get booked up early.
Please understand that the policy of the majority of Owners is not to accept pets as, whilst they may be the perfect angel at home, in a new and strange environment nature usually dictates that the pets should mark their territory, or at least challenge those who have previously marked it.

Where your pet is accepted to accompany you on holiday, you are responsible for your pet's conduct and safety throughout your stay, and no guarentees are given that gardens or other outside areas are fenced or otherwise petproof.

HL Holidays recommend that where possible Owners travel without their pets, and recommend Trusted Housesitters, a worldwide service bringing holidaymakers and house/pet sitters together to keep your pets in their familiar environment while you are away, usually at no charge to you other than a small registration fee: The sitter will normally live in your house, and manage your home and pets while you are away. Please note we have no connection to Trusted Housesitters.

castelsagratWhat is your policy on babies?

A baby sleeping in a cot does not count towards the overall occupancy of the property: However, we would not normally expect there to be more than 2 babies in a party.  Cots, high chairs and Play pens are available at some properties; please check with us if unclear in the property details. We would expect no children over the age of 3 to be classified as babies.

Can we have guests at the property during our stay?

Occupation of the property and use of the facilities and amenities is strictly limited to those named members of the party given on the Booking Form (which can be changed or added to if necessary up to the start of the Booking). However, reasonable permission should not be withheld for visitors during the day, but that is at the Owner or Property Manager's discretion. 
You should clarify if a charge will be made if your visitors use the facilities at the property.
Any guests visiting you during your stay should not be allowed to sleep at the property without permission from the Owner or Manager, and under no circumstances should camping or caravans be allowed.
Owners and Caretakers are within their rights to ask anyone not named on the Guest list to leave the property.